LOG Industrie is your Supply-Chain- Partner – we are implementing
your decisions.

  • Kit-delivery
  • Assembly groups
  • Storage optimization
  • Obsolescence

We are arranging material kits specifically for you.

On time consignment and delivery of material kits for your production.

Kits for your prototyping or limited-lot production will be composed according to your specifications or distributor list.

By request special application are possible.

LOG-Material-Kit-Service: We make sure that you have the needed parts at any time.

We deliver assembly groups.

From your ideas to your products: LOG Industrie and our partners possess the technical knowledge and experience to deliver electromechanical assembly groups.

We optimize your data on warehouse stock.

If requested we will analyze your stock together with you. We will make suggestions on how to optimize your system and will offer alternatives to reduce costs. Willingly we will take the job of restructuring your storage data.

We reduce your overstock. Solutions for a teardown of your overstock will be developed by us. Depending on our arrangement we will take over the products or process the selling so that your company does not appear as a seller.

Optimization of your provider contact and your ordering process. LOG Industrie helps you to reduce the number of distributors to an adequate level. As your principal contact for the acquisition we will be happy to take over the selection of distributors, price negotiations, booking, follow up orders and if necessary reclamation and warranty processing.

LOG Industrie takes care of a well- structured and efficient storage data.

We find alternatives in the case of obsolescence.

If assembly parts, groups or system components are no longer available because production has been shut down it has dramatic effects on processing companies:

Loss of time, increase in costs or even the necessarily of redevelopment. LOG Industrie informs you in time about proclamations of articles you purchase with us. We check with you if a last order or acquisition through on of our global warehouses is a reasonable option. If articles are no longer available or just to unfavorable conditions we are searching for alternatives for your production.

LOG Industrie informs you about proclamations and supplies you with identical or analog alternatives.