LOG Industrie delivers components and assembly groups

Rail traffic, ship building, aviation, plant and military engineering


Our supply chain management makes your value chain even more efficient:

As an experienced provider of transport and logistics service on the global market of electronic parts and assembly groups we possess extensive production and distribution networks. Further we have well-rehearsed cooperation’s with manufacturers and customers around the globe.

Customer information "Accreditation by the German Armed Forces"

The German Armed Forces accredit us as supplier category A

With this accreditation you have the assurance, that the products of LOG Industrie meet the high quality requirements of the German Armed Forces. Regardless if you purchase assemblies, kits or individual solutions in the field of connector technology from LOG Industrie – they all comply with the standards VG95234, VG95328, VG95212, VG96912, VG95319.

This German Armed Forces accreditation confirms our sophisticated quality management as well as the transparency of our business processes in every customer project. Hence, we can also be found in the OASIS data base, listed as DIN ISO EN 9120-accredited solution provider for the industrial sectors defence, air and space.

The business activities of LOG Industrie

Material logistics

  • Acquisition and allocation of single parts, assembly groups or even material kits
  • Optimization of your materials procurement
  • Consulting on buying strategies
  • Coordination of your provider and manufacturer contacts
  • Optimizing logistics

Warehousing and organization

  • Recording, structuring and organization of your storage
  • Reduction of stock grounds and costs
  • Commercialization of your overstock

Consulting on production process

  • Advisory service for our own production development
  • Support with the production of your own products
  • Consulting on production strategy (make or buy)
  • Selection of alternative materials and components for various productions

Manufacturing and distribution

  • Access to a global storage network
  • Reduction of your purchase price via order accumulation
  • Cur on your own currency risk
  • Clearing formalities
  • Obtaining of import and export licenses

„We provide our customers the precise material they need. In the proper quality, in the right amounts, the exact time and place – with the best prices.“

 Our Quality Management System fulfills all requirements for Aviation, Space and Defence Distributors.
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Our management system is certified!
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